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Our troop has established an informal mailing list. If any of the boys check in, the parent writes up a outline of what is going on. It would be great to do the same here...albeit on a bigger scale.


Here is my report from last night.


Just talked to Jack briefly. I told him to pass the word that if anyone was to check in with their folks that now is a good time to do it.


The boys got lots of free stuff from the Army and Navy. Board games and hats. The check in was uneventful.


The heat has been incredible with many heat related problems.No problems with our boys. The leaders had everyone come back to camp during this heat warning. They heard about those killed. Said it occurred when a tent pole hit an electrical line.


Sam and Jack just chased a wolf spider out of their tent. Rain and wind look to be on the way. That should bring some heat relief.


Everyone is having a great time. Their camp is just about all set up.


Tomorrow there should be a photo. The National Guard took a picture of them...go to http://www.guardcarphotos.com/



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My son has checked in twice.


Since we are from Western PA, our Council was one of the ones asked to arrive a day early. The chartered bus pulled out of the Scout Camp at midnight on Sat. night/Sunday morning. My son said they stopped for breakfast, etc. and pulled into Fort AP Hill around 7:30 am on Sunday. Security, as expected, was very tight and it took a little over an hour for them to be cleared to proceed to their campsite.


They had their camp set up and gateway constructed before noon. Trading posts are well stocked with lots of good stuff! :)


He met up with some of the Scouts/Scouters from our Council who are working as staff at the Jambo.


He called last night around 10:30 - concerned that I would have learned about the Scouters dying in the electrical accident. (I had found out half an hour earlier from the news). He said Subcamp 7 is located 1/4 mile down from his (Subcamp 4). He was on a bus on Longstreet when the accident happened - bus had to make lots of detours because of the emergency crews getting to the scene. He was pretty shook up about everything, as can be expected.


Heat was very bad - but the leaders had them drinking lots of water and resting. He got his media credentials from the Hometwon News Reporter tent. Since activities were restricted as the day wore on and the temps and humidity rose - he was doing some patch trading. He and some other Scouts were also visiting other Troops in their camps- he met some of the Marin, CA Scouts.


He also reported that he had meandered down to Eamonn's camp and met him! He said, and I quote my son, "He's a real nice guy and has a cool accent!"


A storm with lightning rolled through the Jamboree in the early evening - he spent over an hour in a commissary tent somewhere and waited out the storm before heading back to his subcamp.


He was tired and hot and ready to hit the sack - but excited to see what the new adventures the next day would bring!

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No. 1 son called about 10 last night. He didn't mention the accident but said two leaders had died. I explained that in any city of 40-50,000 people that they should expect that on any given day someone's number will come up.


He said the heat was pretty bad and that he started feeling a bit overheated during the afternoon. He stopped in one of the medical centers for water and Tylenol. I had told him that the medical tent would be run by the military like MASH units, so I think he really wanted to check them out.


He said they went through the disability awareness trail which was interesting and he got some information for that merit badge, althought the trail isn't really a merit badge center.


Other than that, he said everyone is laying low due to the heat, staying near their own camps and trading patches.

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As I said in another thread, I rarely hear from my kid, but our Asst. Scoutmaster called to let me know that all was well with our contingent prior to the accident even hitting the news.


Some of the things he said last night are that the heat is terrible; when I checked about 6pm last night the heat index there was 116 degrees! There is a system of flags and announcements that have stopped ALL activities this afternoon and evening. The 'cease and desist' order is for everyone's protection. ASM said that our Troop's whole camp was set up this morning prior to the stop order, and the kids are now sitting around trading patches and drinking lots and lots of water. He said the kids all have a real positive attitude and are taking it all in stride! He said that the medial staff have 'baby pools' set up with ice-cold water and if anyone feels they are overheating, they just hop in! None of our contingent has had to do so, as the adults are 'force-feeding' everyone liquids.

He did not say if the boys knew about the accident, but a couple of other parents told me their sons didn't mention it during phone calls home last night.

We have a Phone Tree set up for emergencies and called everyone to let them know our group was OK from both the accident and heat. I also have an e-mail system set up where families let me know via phone or e-mail when they hear from a Scout/Scouter and I post a daily 'journal' to e-mail.

I know the heat is fierce, but I sure hope that the kids aren't made to stay in camp all day today. But, dang it, the heat index is 112 right now (according to weather.com) and tomorrow it'll be 115, finally a break in the weather Thursday).


Take Care,




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I am located about 2 1/2 hours away from AP Hill...tomorrow (Weds, Jul 27) is supposed to be the hottest so far (100+), then the heat should break. Forecast for the weekend is mid-upper 80's with lower humidity, which is more "normal". Tell your sons to drink plenty of WATER...even if they are not "thirsty". They should not go anywhere without a bottle of water in their hand. Avoid caffeine and sugared drinks and stay in the shade whenever possible.


The "flag" system has been alluded to...this is a military system based on the WBGT index, which is a combination of wet bulb, dry bulb and globe temperatures. We have been under "black flag" conditions every afternoon for the past week, which means to curtail all physical training and unnecessary activities. As I write this, it is 99 degrees outside, with a heat index of 116.


I just got back from summer camp and it was brutal. About the time we got acclimated to the heat, it was time to come home and I've been freezing in the A/C ever since.

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Glad to hear that someone went to disAbility Awareness today. Thats where my 16 year old daughter is working, even though she won't call home(doesn't want to get homesick she says) I know she is ever sensitive of the tragic situation but trying to have the best time of her life possible. She really was looking forward to sharing her skills and enthusiasm with others. Shes the cute girl with the pink cowboy hat(LIZ).(We are a little biased here in Texas), if you talk to any one who might see her have them say HI from her MOM she knows we LOVE her.

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Latest Update....


Yesterday brought more high temperatures. Jack said that they did allot of patch trading. I guess our new council strip is in high demand. I was asked to send out a few more. I had given him a hand full of camporee patches that I never was able to trade off at the 1977 Jambo. He turned that into a big bagful. I guess a 28 year old mint condition patch trades well. He did say that they agreed not to start any more trading until after the dinner hour. It takes too much time.


They have been making use of the bus service. They have been all over the camp.


He got the mail that we sent out on Saturday. So mail gets to them with little delay.


Today they plan on doing the army obstacle course and a low ropes COPE course. The opening show is today and they know George Bush will be there.


Everyone is healthy and still having a good time.

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