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I hadn't noticed that there wasn't any mugs.

I don't know if there will be some for sale at the Jamboree or not.

I don't collect mugs, but Scouting mugs were taking over, for a while it seemed every event came with a mug. Her That Must Be Obeyed made me go through the mugs and take the ones that didn't mean that much to the Campmaster building.

The trend now seems to be travel mugs. No fear of amassing too many of them as I keep forgetting them and leaving them everywhere.


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My son has all his Jambo 'stuff' and is ready to go! Unfortunately he decided he wanted a Jambo belt & buckle AFTER the June 17th cutoff for online ordering.

Well, I told him, he'll just have to get it at the Trading Post however the BSA distribution center tells me they sell out quick. Should I tell him to be the first in line? When will the TP be open and how soon do you think they will "sell out of the belts?"




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I noticed that they were still selling 2001 buckles in this years catalog.

I wasn't there in 97 but was told they did sell out early.

I would think if he got to the TP one day one he should be fine.


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Thanks, Eamonn!


I always trust your advice!


Our troop is going to two summer camps this year, plus Jambo and a few went to Philmont!

Think we're taking on too much, hah, hah. With all that, our family managed to squeeze in a week in Florida for vacation.

While I'm not going to APHill, I'd really love for my son to meet you. What subcamp are you in?

Many thanks for the knowledge, humor and common sense you impart on these scouter threads!



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