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TT: The real answer to your original question is: "It depends"


I was led to apply to be a chaplain representing the Religious Society of Friends at the 2005 NatJam and have never regretted that service. As Quakers, we have no pastor to lead our worship, no paid or ordained ministry is seen as required or needed. So, in my case, it was sufficient to be "recognized" by my Meeting for my leading. I can discuss Quaker theology at whatever length you wish another time (PM me).


The other "mainstream" faiths , to be a Chaplain, I would say being "ordained" or otherwise approved might be required. But most that I am aware of recognize the "lay" minister, if so led by the Spirit and well educated in the faith.

As a Scout Chaplain, being knowledgeable of other faiths is definitely a plus. One must be sensitive to the reality that one DOES NOT have to be Christian to be a Scout. I have had to gently disabuse more than one person of this fact.

I have become the defacto "Scout's Own" instructor at our IOLS training, and been complemented on the "aha!" moments in the sessions.

Something I can say is that if you have some Scouts interested in being C/As, they will often be more attuned to the sensitivities of their buddies faith than any adult leader. As a Troop or District Chaplain, I would follow THEIR lead.

PM me and I can email you my S/O stuff.

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As the self-designated representativve of "Politeness Man" for this thread, I have to heave my steel hankie, Please, its not Quakers, its "Religious Society of Friends". I mean you don't refer to members of "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints" as Mormons do you?


Or Roman Catholics as Papists?


On second thought, some around here probably do


And President Nixon was a member of the Religious Society of Friends.

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In all seriousness I believe term is "Catholic Church" for Catholics. Pretty simple.


My 7th grade Baptist girlfriend used to say the pejorative "Cath" to my "Prot" for her. But that was usually followed by a kiss.

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Answers in turn:

Yes, Friend Nixon was a member of Whittier Friends Meeting.

No, we do not object to the term "Quaker". It originated, so the story is told, when George Fox was brought before a Magistrate for not doffing his hat to his social superiors. When he admonished the Magistrate that even he must "tremble and quake" before the word of the Lord, the Magistrate reportedly commented that he supposed that made Fox a (guffaw) "quaker"? and the name stuck. That Magistrate later became a convinced Friend.


Now, just to be complete, I will say that there are "Friends Churches" that share the original unprogrammed worship history, but are the result of a theological split back in the 1820's. These Friends do have a paid pastorite. They are nice people , too.

And we share much with our Mennonite cousins. And the Amish. But we ain't them, and they ain't us.

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