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Where does the money stop and Scouting begins?

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Bayou Beaver wrote:


"For the same price I could do two family camping trips and we don't have to wait in line for 40 minutes to shoot a BB gun for 5 minutes."


Possibly. Since I am making the assumption you attended Cub World with your Cub Scout son-what did he think? As adults its hard for us to let go and see things the way kids do. Yes, 50 bucks is a lot of dough but sometimes its hard to put a price on what you and he got out of it. I'm not saying the cost was justified, however if he had a good time and you've managed to salvage some memories-despite the rain and the long lines-50 bucks is a small price to pay.


So keep on Scouting and providing the best program you can.

Not in your distict but not far away.



ASM Troop Guides SR-912

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Let's be honest its not the cost, it is the value. Millions of people every year pay hundreds of dollars per person for a few days at Disney World and never complain, infact they rave about it. So it is not the money it is the return on investment that determines whether you mind spending the money or not.



Event planning and event administration are different skill sets and not everyone is going to have either or both sets of skills.

Even in an entire council you might not have people skilled to do this and if you have there is no guarnatee that they are on the activities committee.


If you think you have those skills that's awesome. Share them with others. If you have a better plan write it up and send it to the activities chair. Sell your ideas and offer your skills to make it happen for the good of all the scouts in your community. Complaining is not an action for change, and only through action will you get positive change.



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My council uses a simple rule when hosting an event:

Budget to make somewhere around 10% for the Council. This applies to camporees, wood badge, NYLT, corssovers, day camp, et al. This rule helps keep zealous volunteers and professionals from padding budgets in an effort to seek favor with the Council. I'm sure that some push the limits and others try to make it break even. On the whole it's a fair way of conducting business for the Council and the particpants.

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How you doin? Long time no see, When was that February?

All I'm saying you give my boys a patch of woods and a stick and they have a good time. I feel that council does not have the boys interest in mind. It seems like hurry them through an event and get the day over with. Then they cancel or cub-o-ree because it rained the night before and they still have cubworld with storms and tornado warnings. Who knows, I best shut up before I get in trouble.

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