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"Light Responsibility" Positions

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apparently in our troop - every single POR means...


"hey the SPL gave me this cool named position... and now I can hang out and tell people I am the "_____" for our troop! NOPE - I never have to do anything, and in another 6 months maybe I'll get named something else cool too!!!"



In other words, no - in this troop the boys have had to do absolutely nothing to live up to their POR's!

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Maybe your best answer, RM, is no answer at all. You discussed your concerns with the Scout & he agrees he needed more time in the position. And like OGE said, it's the Scout's advancement, not dads.


Ed Mori

1 Peter 4:10

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What the Scouts do in our troop for the position of Liberian is to:


1 - Keep track of the merit badge books, make sure that they are signed out and in properly and to inform the Treasurer when books are lost, so that the Scout/Scouter that lost them are held accountable for the replacement costs.

2 - Give a talk once a month on some neat/cool/unusual/different merit badge and what is required to earn it.

3 - Go to the committee meeting at least two times during his term to tell them what books the troop would like to own or replace when they go out of date.


In other words, the type of duties one would expect from a regurlar Liberian.

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