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Youth Training

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has anyone else heard of this new training that cajuncody mentioned in this post??? If they have let me know as im would like more info on it!



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Just to limit this list to those programs that are in some way official, there is quite a list of training sessions and activities a youth can participate in:

Introduction to Leadership (conducted after taking a new position in the troop)

Scoutmaster's Junior Leader Training (also called Troop JLT)

council National Youth Leader Training (formerlly JLTC)

NYLT Instructor Camp at Philmont Training Center

National Leadership Seminar (OA)

National Order of the Arrow Conference

Section Conclave (OA)

Lodge Leadership Developement Coarse (OA)

Den Chief training


Then there are other training opportunities available such as:

Councilor in Training (CIT) programs at camp

being a youth staffer for woodbadge (there is a section to be presented by youth)

serving in any POR in the troop

taking on a role on a committee in the OA

American Red Cross training like CPR and First Aid certification


The point is though, when it comes to learning leadership skills to apply at the unit level, there is already plenty if the leaders of the unit choose to run the program well. This is especially true since most youth leaders never complete all the leadership training now available before aging out.


If you are looking to learn specific skills, then consider working with some really top notch merit badge councilors. That way, if you want to learn more about a subject than is required for a badge, you can get more info. Also, consider looking at the references mentioned in the MB books. There is much you can learn on your own by reading.


You should also be learning new skills at summer camp. There are many knowledge people at camp that could help you out with a variety of things.


Camporees should also help everyone hone their Scouting skills.


Then there are the adults and other experienced youth in your own troop. These really should be the first source for information. They should be able to either teach you or help you find a source for just about any Scouting skill you can think of.


Now, you may be thinking that none of this really equals National Camp School, or the many offerings at Philmont Training Center. However, a youth wouldn't really be able to apply many of those things. After all, a youth can't be an aquatics directer.


I think if you look at all the training that is available for youth, you will see it compares favorably with that available to adults. After all, while there may be many adult training coarses, most of them are only for adults working in certain specific parts of the Scout program.


This isn't to say there isn't room for improvement. There always is.


However, if between taking the trainings mentioned here, working on MBs, working with the leaders of your unit, getting involved in being a part of the staff for training, taking on PORs, and other things that come along still aren't enough for you, then maybe you should slow down, take a deep breath, and consider what your goals and priorities are. If you still think you need to know more advanced techniques for rock climbing or something, perhaps you should consider joining a local climbing group. (Just don't forget about Scouts. Think of all the cool rock climbing stories you could tell around the campfire.)

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251 - She's probably heard about the council-based National Youth Leader Training (formerly JLTC). It's been totally revamped. I've read some about it, but can't speak from any experience.


This website talks about the development of the program:


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As regards NYLT - I was asked to be an ASM for one week this summer. Our first staff meeting is 2/19 so I'll know a lot more after that. What I know so far is that it's modeled on WB for the 21st Century (which I just took this fall).


Should be interesting...the only concrete detail I have is no flipcharts and a lot more activities! Makes me wish I'd waited a year to send my son - he didn't enjoy it very much.



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I would not say that NYLT is modeled after WB for the 21st century. The course is still a Month is the life of a troop. Utilizing the 12 leadership skills. The leadership skills are the same but the way they are presented are different. So far I have been very impressed with it. This Saturday we have out 1st meeting with the entire staff. The SPLs will be explaining the difference and what is still the same to the staff.

I am looking forward to how the youth staff accepts the new syllabus.

The BSA have said that this year Councils can run the the old JLTC course or the new NYLT course. Next Year all Councils will run the new NYLT course. From what I was told, they are trying to get all Councils to use the same course, trying to phase out the old Brownsea course that some council still run.

I have been told that some of the skills being taught will be brought over into Wood Badge next year.



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