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Cub Scout program bead dating?

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We’ve just gone through our Cub Scout closet and found this old pony bead container with a list of what colors are for what.

I’m guessing mid to late 80s as Tiger Cubs are mentioned, but as it is a typed sheet (rather than printed), I’m guessing not into the 90s - any ideas?


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4 minutes ago, scoutldr said:

I was a Cubmaster during that period and am not familiar with this.  Looks like a local Unit-specific thing, not official BSA.  

While I was not involved in Cub Scouts at the time, a quick Google search brought up an article from the September-October 2008 edition of Scouting Magazine detailing how to use those beads, along with the white diamond that held the lanyards for them as a part of Tiger Cub advancement and immediate recognition.

How to use beads to encourage Tiger Cub advancement - Scouting magazine


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