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Sharing campsite shower/restroom facility

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3 hours ago, Armymutt said:

There are lots of boy units who have the exact same problem, especially in the inner city, like Charlotte where that council is located.  You would think that they would open it to all new troops.  Might be a great way to get boys off the streets and into the woods.  

Some of the phrasings made me think there's also a hostile culture problem in boy units towards girl units, but I would think newly formed units ought to have less of that if that is indeed the case. And if it is, I think it's totally appropriate to kick disruptive and disrespectful units out. Scout law violations are always a problem to deal with. Girls should absolutely not need shielding from boys; something has gone quite awry if they do.

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Thank you all for the input.  We spoke with the camp and they will make sure that troops follow the proper procedure and that no one will have sole use over any portion of the facilities.  

This is a camp problem, not a you problem.  Echoing similar advice:  Don't leave it to chance.  Address it with them before committing to camp and then hold them to it.  If they can't commit to making

I've also seen Girl-only Camporees.  That really gets to me.  Imagine if we had Boy-only Camporees these days.  More than one person actually defended it by saying that all of them were Boy-only prior

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