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One other reply ... And yes, many comments here are useful.  I love standing upright in my tent.  I love space to organize.  I like cabin tents.  I don't mind a heavy tent as most of our camping is easy car camping.  I have other tents for river or hiking or when weight is an issue.

COST - Scouts break stuff and may break your stuff too.  Weird stuff happens.  Someone runs and trips and falls into your tent.  Someone sprays something and damages, etc.  Campfire embers blow in the wind and melt a hole.  Something gets set on your tent bag and it gets damaged.   ... My rule of thumb is to NOT bring anything precious to me on scout campouts.  ... The REI Wonderland X is $1000+ dollars.  The Wonderland 4 is $500.  The wonderland 6 is $600.  ... For me, that is far more than I'd want to bring on a scout camp out.  

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