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Council Annual Reports

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I see many LC's are posting 2021 annual reports lately on their web sites. You have to really search to find them.

Comparing maybe 5-6 years ago, my LC went from 15,000 to 6,500 scouts. 

What are other councils showing? Also spending is down a lot from prior years.

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For my council you cannot find the information.  Any stakeholders report just note Scouts at camp.  Most of this is extolling the wonders of all the fundraising they do.

Fully 25% of the staff employed are involved in fundraising.  Ask how the council is doing, you will get fundraising numbers

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It was not hard to find the 2021 Annual report on my LC or the neighboring LC website. A couple of take aways are that:
1) Youth membership bottomed out last year, we're now rising back up, about a 1000 more than the floor we hit last year (but no where near historic levels). 
2) The neighboring LC has 100 less youth members that my LC and my LC has the highest population density of all of the LC's in the state. I am not sure what that means.

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