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Has anyone out there gathered any documentation on black camp cooks for troops and/or councils during the first few decades of Scouting (1910-1930). I am beginning to pull together sources for this material in Central Virginia. I'm finding that these are more common than you might have thought.

Thanks for any insights you can provide.

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We had one in Camp Gray, our first camp in the twenties, and he continued for a time to the second camp, 3-Falls, still in use, in the thirties.  the kids and staff loved him, and he was duly missed when he decided to chuck it in.  I think he may have been an army Army or Navy cook at one time.


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42 minutes ago, rayezell_2000 said:

Where was this camp located?

Ventura County Council.  It was the first official camp after our founding in June, 2021, opening in 1923.  We lost it during the Depression to a project to put U.S. 399 over the mountains from Ventura to the Bakersfield area.  Most of what was then 399 stopped at the base of the mountains on the Bakerfield side.  Anyway, an agreement was reached for the camp property, including guaranteed lease for property in the Lockwood Valley area near Mount Pinos and Frazier Park.  The Lees who had a turkey ranch in Lockwood gave a small plot of land to the scouts, and leases were developed up canyon from there for what is today's camp, Three Falls, with some other additions over the years.   


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