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  1. rayezell_2000

    Early Scouting in Central Virginia

    Perfected Under his Leadership–Scoutmaster Rev. Frank C. Riley The second (and maybe most renown) Scoutmaster of Orange Troop No. 1 was Rev. Frank C. Riley. Riley was born September 27, 1888 in Baltimore, Maryland and graduated from Crozer Baptist Theological Seminary (B. Div.) in Chester, Pennsylvania, and from the University of Pennsylvania (M.A.), both in 1915. He received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Richmond College (University of Richmond). He was ordained in September 1913 at Lee Street Church in Baltimore, and this congregation previously granted him a “License to Preach” in 1908 (Anonymous 1918; Riley 1995). He was an acclaimed football player while at Richmond College and his other educational stops (Maxwell 1922; Riley 1995). In 1913, Riley taught advanced Greek at McGuires University School in Richmond (Riley 1995). Riley was called as the pastor of Orange Baptist Church on November 14, 1915, and served there until late 1930 (with a year’s leave of absence during World War I from 1918-1919) (McColley 1987; Riley 1995). Read more at: https://historyofscoutinginorange.wordpress.com/2019/01/25/perfected-under-his-leadership-scoutmaster-rev-frank-c-riley/
  2. Explore one of the BSA's earliest Scoutmaster training courses offered thru the University of Virginia Summer School beginning in 1913 at: https://historyofscoutinginorange.wordpress.com/2018/12/31/scout-mastership-at-the-university-of-virginia/ excerpt..."The September 1998 issue of Scouting magazine reports that from the early years of Scouting educators took an interest in the Scouting movement, seeing it as a useful adjunct to classroom education. Recognizing the need for proper training, universities began offering summer and evening courses for Scoutmasters. Beginning in 1913, Cornell and Columbia universities along … " (read more at the link above)