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Chartered Org Shopping

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7 hours ago, fred8033 said:

If BSA is being held liable for what happened years ago when times were different, COs seem to be in the same basis

That's exactly right, which is why many/most of the lawsuits filed list

1) BSA National

2) The Local Council

3) The CO

4) The Abuser (if still alive)


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I expect the BSA at all levels knows the CO model is broken.  If they truly implemented the model, @David CO is correct.  No unit can switch COs as the unit is simply the extension of the CO.  If the

1) Tax status is automatically extended to the unit because, for legal and BSA purposes, the unit is simply an appendage of the CO. If your CO is tax exempt, so is your unit. It if is for profit, so i

Great topic !  We've discussed this a bit and we're looking to switch to the new approach of a council chartered unit by a "group of citizens".    At the same time, we're hoping our current CO st


2 hours ago, David CO said:

I've never seen a school (CO) held liable for hiring the wrong guy, so long as they were unaware of any previous wrongdoings by the applicant.  It is always the lack of oversight/supervision that gets them in trouble.  By itself, signing off on an adult leadership application doesn't create any great liability problem for the CO.  The CO's insurance company is fully aware of the fact that the CO signs off on all adult leadership applications.  There is no deception.  No hidden risks.  

BSA is in big trouble because it was less than forthcoming with information about the risks involved in its scouting programs.  It hid information from the scouts, parents, units, CO's, and insurance companies.  


Less forth coming?  Every CO and school I've known has had issues.  Few get front page coverage.  Few get public announcements to solicit other victims or find the larger scope.  The issues I've learned about from long ago are dead on same as BSA.  Hesitation to accuse someone with good standing.  People shuffled.  Often police not involved.  

This is more about having a tracking record system where others obscured their records, intentionally or not intentionally ... or just did not track at all.

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25 minutes ago, fred8033 said:

Less forth coming? 

Please don't misquote me.  I did not say less forthcoming.  I said less than forthcoming.  Different meanings.  One is a comparison.  The other is not.  


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