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How are other Packs doing with recruiting so far?

I personally took applications 4 new Scouts and two Den Leaders in the past month.  Today, one of those Scouts Dad offered to sign up as a Den Leader.  One of my existing parents offered to sign up to be a Den Leader.  

After a Den Meeting today, one of my existing Den Leaders gave contact information to a mother at the gas station just because he was wearing his uniform,

I have 3 other Scouts via local community FB pages that want to join and I have sent them a PDF application.


This is my 4th year in the Pack and I have seen anything like it.


Our School Night For Scouts isnt until Sept 3

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Recruiting is hard for us but I'm getting some success on Facebook through local parenting groups. Families are really looking for some kind of connection and our schools are all remote learning until at least December.

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We have a weird opportunity this year with recruiting. While many schools remain virtual-only and a lot of sports are shut down, both parents and kids are anxious to do things to fight the boredom and cabin fever. And here we are, offering an outdoor program that presents opportunities to try new things, explore, play, learn, have fun and go on adventures. It's kind of perfect for us to be recruiting right now, when what we "sell" is exactly what so many families need and are looking for.

How that will actually translate into new sign-ups, who knows yet. In my Pack the new sign-ups are about average, which I consider a "win" in these strange times we're dealing with. But I wouldn't be at all surprised to hear that some Packs see an uptick in new membership. In some areas we might be the only game in town offering an outdoor activity for kids to participate in.

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 I took 3 more applications to the office today.  I think 15 new Scouts since Aug 1.  I still have interested parents who want to sign up their kids.  

The only outdoor activity idea does not apply here I dont think.  All of our youth sports are in full swing and practicing.

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