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What does meets look like for you?

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Since March and after several virtual meetings before May. Emails and texts throughout summer I've only heard from about 4 scouts out of 25. Now I'm ready to get things started again. 

What's works? 

How do I get parents involved?

More participation? 

Our scouting never ended just the participation. I had 75% of pack not complete rank for last year. I encourage parents to work with their scouts at home and even gave June, July, and August activities to do for the summer participating pin. I basically came up for a plan for each rank and gave details of how to do them. But responses were low.

So my question is, What does returning to scouting look like for you and how do you plan to get more participantion? 

My considerations:

1. Two dens meet weekly.

2. Temp checks and required face coverings. (Younger scouts maybe more difficult.)

3. Keep scouts 6ft apart a long with adults.

4. Outside activities.

5. Sent home activities to complete and bring back to next meeting. 

What does this mean for Pack Meetings? 

1. Maybe hold them outside.

2. Temp checks and face coverings.

We still have to award our scouts for the ones who had completed their rank. 

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On 8/10/2020 at 8:17 AM, RichardB said:

Is that checklist a list of required protocols for all meetings and/or activities? I'm not super comfortable doing medical screenings before each Den meeting. I'm not a healthcare professional and some of the criteria are open to interpretation. A cough can be a lot of things. A headache could exclude me from activities pretty often. If a parent attend a Den meeting and says they have a headache, am I supposed to ask them to leave?

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