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Someone I nominated for Vigil a while back was called out at our lodge's banquet the other night and will be inducted in a couple months. Do I tell him that I nominated him or is that something best left secret? Thanks for any replies.

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On 1/14/2020 at 5:16 PM, John-in-KC said:

Leave it be. You don’t know how many others nominated him. 

I once sat on the Vigil Committee in my role as chapter adviser. I remember one outstanding "youth" ( in quotation marks as he was a youth in the OA, and ASM with his troop) with about an 1.5" pile of nominations for him. Needless to say he got Vigil.


On question, does the person nominating serve as Vigil sponsor? I ask because I have seen it where  the nominee is the sponsor, presenting him as a candidate at the Vigil Call Out. 2/3 people I nominated I sponsored. the 3rd I let his dad sponsor him.

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