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Changing BSA's Image

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On 11/29/2019 at 9:53 PM, dkurtenbach said:

I suggest the following topics:  . . .

  • What Every New Scouts BSA Member Has A Right To Expect From The Troop


On 11/30/2019 at 7:01 PM, MattR said:

I can read this too many ways. What problem is this going to help with? Scouts that go along with anything, get bored and drop out? Scouts and parents that think scouts is webelos 3? Adult led troops? As an aside, the phrase Right to Expect sounds a bit confrontational. I mean, there are expectations of the scout as well.

This is all about the troop's obligation to have a complete, well-rounded Scouting program.  We used to have a catch phrase -- "Delivering the Promise" -- that is, making sure that Scout leaders actually provide the type of program that BSA committed to provide to youth.  All of the Handbooks talk in one way or another about what a youth can expect from Scouting, but I think the Eleventh Edition of the Boy Scout Handbook (1998), page 1, said it in a concise and straightforward way (bold emphasis in original):


SCOUTING promises you the great outdoors.  As a Scout, you can learn how to camp and hike without leaving a trace and how to take care of the land.  You'll study wildlife up close and learn about nature all around you.  There are plenty of skills for you to master, and you can teach others what you have learned.  Everyone helping everyone else--that's part of Scouting, too.

SCOUTING promises you friendship.  Members of the troop you join might be boys you already know, and you will meet many other Scouts along the way.  Some could become lifelong friends.

SCOUTING promises you opportunities to work toward the Eagle Scout rank.  You will set positive goals for yourself and then follow clear routes to achieve them.

SCOUTING promises you tools to help you make the most of your family, your community, and your nation.  The good deeds you perform every day will improve the lives of those around you.  You will be prepared to help others in time of need.

SCOUTING promises you experiences and duties that will help you mature into a strong, wise adult.  The Scout Oath and the Scout Law can guide you while you are a Scout and throughout your life.

Adventure, learning, challenge, responsibility--the promise of Scouting is all this and more.  Are you ready for the adventure to begin?  Then turn the page and let's get started.


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While there is less community it certainly isn't less relevant (look at suicide rates over the past 50 years), and I think that's the key to your last question: what image should the BSA project?

As for PR, I know many of the people on this board has seen it, but perhaps many of you haven't. This is from Scout South Africa, and this is that kind of advertising that the BSA needs.

Bottom up and scout-driven. All Scouting is local. Provide an adventurous, scout-run scouting program in our units and our enthused scouts will spread the word.   My $0.02,

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