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Not in yet but want to join but parents wont let me

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Hi I am Julz and I am from Australia. Since I was 11 I have wanted to join scouts, however my parents would mock me for wanting to and wouldnt let me join. Now I am 14 I still want to join, and I need help trying to join. (Also in Australia you can join at any age unless its over 21 unless as a volunteer) Also I have never really gone outdoors and thats one of the reasons why I want to join.

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@JulzIsCool99, welcome to the forums!

I'm sorry that your folks won't let you sign up. The Aussie scouts who I met at World Jamboree seemed to be a great lot.

Step 1 in life: listen to your parents.

Did they say there was a reason why they don't approve of scouting for you?

Do they let you do other good things?

Have you or your parents met scouts in your community?

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