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7 hours ago, qwazse said:

My experience with "small body" decisions, is that they fall short of getting everyone where they need to be in terms of trust.

You're speaking from your experience and I respect that.  I am adding my experience, which is to keep the discussion as small as required with intentions of getting all the information and developing actions and/or a plan for going forward. Then, if and when a larger audience is required (such as your experience), the leaders are proving information and plan, as opposed to inviting multiple opinions (generally emotion) to fill the void, which generally forces multi-directional suggestions and usually another meeting. Of course every situation is unique and requires different approaches, but as I said, the beginning should start with minimum emotion and maximum information.

Where units are challenged in these things is their lack of experience of dealing with it. So, starting small and working their way out usually provides enough time and insight to seek and invite the right experience people who can point the unit in a direction. Then, if the unit feels all the families need information, the information provided is coming from thought out actions.


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I you decide to hold a committee meeting, invite only those who absolutely have to be involved. The more people involved, the more complex the discussion becomes. I don't agree with not inviting

Concur. The chartered partner has every right to protect its good name.  Pin addition, I’m certain in a lot of states, this is an outright violation of the law, AND a reportable youth protection

Because the scout is accused of possessing and using marijuana on the Chartered Organization's property, I think it is absolutely necessary to inform the COR (even if this means that the investigation

Again, I would like to thank everyone for their valuable input/insight, it is most helpful to me.  I sent an email to the SM to inform him of an upcoming meeting with the UC, COR, CC ASMs because too much time has already passed and I don't want the boys that came forward to feel like they went unheard. Not to mention, to hold the Scout, with the unscoutlike behavior, accountable.

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