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“Centennial” uniform sourcing

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As our District’s (maybe even the Council’s) resident history buff/uniform nerd, I thought I’d share a source for those of you interested in creating a reproduction 1910s-era uniform.

WhatPriceGlory.com sells an olive drab US Army M1912 Summer Cotton tunic and breeches that are nearly identical to what early scouters wore. They also have the puttees and leggings, as well as campaign hats and wool version of the M1912 and M1917 uniforms.  The button holes on the cotton tunic are designed for metal ring backed buttons, so it’s  no big deal to swap out the supplied  USA buttons for metal BSA buttons I’ve acquired through the years. I’ve got the BSA collar brass, but no troop number brass, so I’ll be crafting a felt patch to add to the sleeve.

Looking for the tan version? No problem, check out ManTheLine.com, although their prices are significantly more expensive.

I’m still searching for a 1920s version of the uniform (safari jacket style), but until then- happy repro Scouting!





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Posted (edited)

Did you get a belt? I'm guessing your right hand (not shown) is holding up your pants? :unsure:

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Haha- I do have the belt. I took the pic when the wind was blowing about 30mph, using my hand to keep tunic from flapping. I had been in a parade rest stance. 

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