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So, I got in my walk to the coffee shop and the owner was in.  He suddenly remembered that his daughter was pestering him to deliver my cookie order. She makes great pains to take my order when she's working the counter because I once made it quite clear that I don't buy from parents, nor do I read posters. I have a door, and a phone, and ears tuned to assertive scouts.

Anyway, I stashed my boxes in my briefcase and headed off to work. We had a couple work-studys in the office and they are more than happy to help me and my colleagues work through these ... starting with the thin mints. Of course, modern students being up on current events they quickly mentioned their admiration for the girls who set up a table near a dispensary.  Yeah, whatever.  Old news. Then, when I next looked at the box. I found ..




Oops ... upside down logo of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil.

I'm going to leaf it at that.

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