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YP bungled, 60 year old troop disbands

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I had a discussion about this with my SE, who's a friend.  He said there is ongoing talk about whether to run rechecks, but no one does it routinely.  This came up in a discussion about our diocese requiring a renewed background check every five years.

Every five years or so is probably worthwhile, but make no  mistake it will be a lot of resources expended for very very little gain.  The chances are, if a member of your unit was arrested, let alone convicted, of a sexual offense you would surely know about it through your own resources long before it would show up in a 5 year recheck.  Background checks are just that, background, they tell you about the past.  Once a person is a member of your unit you should be paying a reasonable amount of attention to who they are and what they're doing in order to protect the scouts in your unit.

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With Scouts Canada background checks are required every 3 years.  Now that all registration etc. is online, an adult's status changes as soon as their record check expires and I think that generates a flurry of automated emails.

Record checks are free for adults volunteering with any organization (eg. scouting, sports etc.).  All that is required is a letter from said organization to accompany your background check request and the usual fee is waived.  It is up to the individual leader to make sure their background check is current and to seek out a new one when required.  Scouts Canada, other than generating the volunteer letter, is not involved with the background check.  If you need your check RIGHT NOW, then you can pay $35 or something like that to get it done on the spot.  Most organizations will not cover this additional fee.

The only thing that's a drag is that you have to have a separate check for every organization you volunteer with, so it's not uncommon to submit multiple requests to the police at the same time.  


The system seems to work pretty well in terms of making sure background checks are current.  

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