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Wildfire burns buildings at Philmont, Cimarron evacuated

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A wildfire raced across a swath of tinder-dry forest in northeastern New Mexico on Friday, destroying about a dozen empty buildings on the Boy Scouts’ storied Philmont Ranch and threatened about 150 homes, officials say.

The flames were first reported Thursday and ballooned quickly in a part of New Mexico hardest hit by a severe drought gripping the American Southwest.

Officials said no scouts were at the ranch and all staff members were accounted for. Employees who live in the nearby community of Cimarron were allowed to leave to care for their families.

Authorities ordered residents in Cimarron and surrounding areas to evacuate Friday as the smoke drifted east. At the historic St. James Hotel in Cimarron, the phone went unanswered after the popular tourist destination had emptied out along with the rest of the town.

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Horrible 😞  One question I have is from previous years where there was fire, what happens to the wildlife following the fire?  less food around do they become more aggressive?

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