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ASM Troop Guides - inspirational

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Another tidbit from my ASM Troop Guides time.  This is what I told them at one of our TG meetings - I think it was about mid way through staff development, when they were probably going through some internal storming.


Without a doubt, the Troop Guide has the toughest job on a Wood Badge staff.  This is your first time on staff so you may be a little bit lost.  You 
are probably a bit overwhelmed to as you begin to realize that you must be presenter, coach, mentor, teacher, facilitator, ticket counselor and 
all-around helper. You have more presentations than any other staffer and you will practice them until you can give them in your sleep.  You will have 
long days and you will do a lot of walking.  You are the “face” of Wood Badge for your patrol; all eyes are on you; you set the example.

But – you also have the best job on the staff.  You get to truly connect with those six people.  You get to see their “ah ha” moments and watch as they 
come together as a team.  You will be the difference between a “mountain top” experience and just another training session.  You will also learn the Wood
Badge material inside-out and may find things that you don’t remember covering as a participant (you did).  

And at the end, I hope you will be able to say that being on Wood Badge staff was one of the best things you have done in Scouting.  I hope that you have
enjoyed the friendship and fellowship of our Wood Badge team.  That you have learned the leadership skills to a higher level; and that you see the value 
in helping yourself, and others, to be better leaders.


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