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Tips for First Time Commissioner

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Hey all, I am new to the forum.


I recently started at my local scout camp as the camp commissioner and CIT champion and was wondering if anyone had an input or tips that could make me more effective and my job a little easier.  Anything is helpful!  


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Congratulations, and thanks for all you do. From what I gather you are in your 20s or so, right? If that is accurate it will have some advantages and disadvantages. And since I don't know your exact job description and responsibilities, I will do my best to give some advice that may be helpful, but could be irrelevant.

1) If you are in your 20s or so, you will likely have an easier time relating to the Youth and staffers. As "CIT Champion" this will probably be a big advantage. The down side is SOME of the adults, particularly older ones, may see you as a kid. Just continue to be professional and treat them with respect. Some will come around, and others never will, so don't sweat it.

2) I am guessing that as CIT Champion part of your job is to mentor and watch out for the CITs. Depending on the culture of the camp that may be easy or difficult. Some camps treat their CITs with the same respect as all other staff members, and some camps have a reputation for hazing and treating them as second class citizens. My suggestion is to start out by making it clear that you are a friend to ALL staffers, and if they have an issue you are there to listen and help. MAKE SURE YOU ALWAYS FOLLOW YOUTH PROTECTION POLICY. If there are any hazing or mistreatment issues take it to the camp director. With any luck you won't have to face that type of thing.

Secondly, when it comes to CITs, remember that they are 14 and 15 year old youth, so may be less mature, or make silly choices. Giving expectations early, and praising their successes can go a long way to a smooth summer. Take note when they do something well, and just mention it later that day. This does a couple of things for you. It gives them positive feedback to encourage them, it shows that you care and notice them, and it also makes them aware that they are being watched which encourages them to make better choices and live up to the scout oath and law. 



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