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8 minutes ago, RememberSchiff said:

I guess I'm old.

If your tent is on a platform, take out cots, sweep floor,  put down a 9x12 blue tarp, return cots to tents.

A camp tent with a wired outlet ?

Another $0.02

I know, it seems somewhat odd. Brand new plywood platforms with a normal 120V outlet wired in the side. Only the “key staff” stay in cabins.

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4 hours ago, bob_kins said:

Camp Managment would not ne the happiest if I had a television in my platform tent, I wish though.


Worst CD I worked for not only brought a TV and gaming system to camp, he brought his satellite dish too. Yep he stayed in his loft most of the day and watched TV. Staff morale got so low over him and a few other key leaders at camp that someone was brought in who knew what they were doing to keep the staff from killing the CD. It was so bad, I was commuting 30 minutes each way to camp to avoid the problems he was causing.

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