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Iditarod Dog Missing in Anchorage

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Have you seen this two-year old dog wearing a #61 bib around Anchorage?


Hudson, one Lars Monsen's Iditarod sled dogs, went missing Saturday during preparation of the ceremonial start of the race in Downtown Anchorage.

His handlers say that at around 8 a.m. on March 3, they saw that the kennel was open and Hudson was not inside.

"He disappeared when we opened the rear doors of the trailer," Monsen said. "And he just took off and we haven't seen him since."

He was last seen headed toward Bootlegger's Cove.

His owner and police were mystified why lead dog Hudson would bolt from running a near 1000 mile race in winter weather. :)

Monsen said he's trying to keep a brave face with his other dogs, as he is their leader, and doesn't want to impart any nervous energy to them.

As of 2:30 p.m. Saturday, a handler with Monsen's team said they were looking into a reported sighting of Hudson.

The Anchorage Police Department is asking for anyone who spots the dog to call them, however to call the non-emergency dispatch line at 786-8900, rather than 911.


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Well, our district already had it's Klondike Derby (50 degrees in Maryland last month)...

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