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Fx Goby's To Build a Fire , commissioned by BSA

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French filmmaker Fx Goby’s award-winning short film To Build a Fire, commissioned by the Boy Scouts of America and co-produced by Nexus Studios and Composite Films, premiered online in December as a Vimeo staff pick. To Build a Fire is widely recognized as Jack London’s masterpiece and a classic of American literature, with Goby’s animated film adaptation touring festivals to great acclaim since 2016, the centenary of London’s death.

The 13-minute 2D-animated short, animated in Adobe Flash with the help of 3D modeling tools, tells the story of a trapper and his dog attempting to cross the Yukon in the harshness of midwinter. With striking visuals and a score composed by Mathieu Alvado and recorded by members the London Symphony Orchestra, To Build a Fire has won over animation, film and Jack London enthusiasts alike. Accolades include the Grand Prize for Best Animation at the Rhode Island Film Festival, Best International Animation at Shorts Mexico, and Best Animation at this year’s London Short Film Festival.

More info and Q&A with Goby developers. at Animation World Network source link. Good content for Animation merit badge.



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