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Summit Seasonal Staff

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At my crew’s last meeting, several Venturers expressed interest at working at the Summit after hearing our crew’s VP talk about her Jambo experience.

I worked at Philmont during my college years but for obvious reasons never worked at the SBR :). I can imagine some aspects of camp staff life are pretty universal, but I know each camp has its own flairs too.

Does anyone have any insight into working as a part of the Summit’s seasonal staff that I can share with any of these interested Venturers?

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I can only offer supposition based on having been to SBR and Philmont as a participant, but I would imagine it be much closer to working Summer Camp staff than Philmont, at least in terms of working directly with participants.

I imagine the way SBR is structured, a staff volunteer would be assigned to an area like shooting sports or or mountain biking. So they would see participants cycle through their area rather than going out on the trail with them.

If they were assigned an operational job, like working the commissary or health lodge for example, I imagine that would be similar to Philmont.

Staff off time would obviously have a different selection of activities as well.

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I've met some of the staff, and they are a top-notch bunch. No idea how that differs from the other HA bases.

I think Beckley has more going for it than Cimmaron. But I don't know how staff prefer to spend their free time.

You might want to E-mail the camp and see if one of the rangers or camp directors would make time for a conference call with your crew.

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