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I've just volunteered to be an Adult Quartermaster for NYLT this coming summer. Sounds like the role is providing guidance to Youth Quartermasters for the course. Anybody done this gig before? Any tips or insight you'd like to share?





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I have not done it for NYLT personally, but I have run NYLT course. The syllabus does a good job describing the responsibilities, but I would not compare it to a typical Troop Quartermaster position. NYLT is a training course where the participants camp. Not a camp where the participants train. The QM has to prepare the camp before the course starts, coordinate with all the course leaders to plan out their required materials on the course day and time, and acquire and provide all the equipment and materials required for the whole course. I believe the QM is the most time intensive responsibility of all the staff positions. To be chosen is a complement in of itself because it’s general handed out to scouters who have proven a capability to be responsible.



I usually hung around the QMs during the courses when I had a break because they seem to have the most fun, and great snacks.





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