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Cub Scout Outdoor Activity Award

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So I just got a response from DE who consulted with the camping dept.... and the Cub Scout Outdoor Activity Award is officially a pay to play award and the only way it's possible to earn it is to shell out over $300 for their provided Day Camps, or $50 for one of the 4 twilight camps (which is only for Lions and Tigers) they run all year. Awards and advancement are not "the reason to do Cub Scouting" but when you have camps that fit the bill to a tee, and they're affordable.... I'm perplexed by this.


Will be contacting the "camping department" next.


Well that's a change. Don't recall attending a day camp being a requirement way back when.


Below is the link that says the first requirement is to attend day camp or other cub camp and...



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