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Hello from Texas

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I was Googling around the net trying to find some information and this group came up so I'm pulling up a log to say hello.


I'm not new to scouting but I didn't start my scouting life in my youth, I started mine with my son who just bridged over to the troop. We've been active members for 5 years now with my wife and me both registered and heavily involved in our communities scouting program. We've both been on the District's day camp in various capacities all 5 years, my very patient wife serving as registrar for 3 of those years, and I'm on my second year as Camp Director. I also served as our pack committee chair for 4 years, den leader for my sons den all 5 years, 3 years I've served on the district committee as communications chair, completed Wood Badge and now I'm rolling right into an ASM role for the troop. Don't want to take on too much at the troop level till I finish this last year as Day Camp director.


In my spare time... oh wait...  :)







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Howdy , and welcome from Texas! Sounds like you will have a lot to contribute. Looking forward to it.

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Welcome to the forum, apologies for missing your post when it first came online.

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