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BB Guns etc. No Longer Allowed as Unit Activity

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@@CNYScouter the problem is the program has not been changed in years.   The local execution may have changed, the local knowledge may have changed, it appears maybe even evolved to follow the standards, but the BB gun program of the BSA has been stable.    


Huffington post recently put out an article titled "Bernie Sanders Could Replace President Trump With Little-Known Loophole".   It's a great article, has a couple relevant tips. 

Richard, it's true that the program hasn't changed in years, and I admitted to being chagrined at being surprised because I pride myself on knowing the fine details within the regs even when i disagree with them.  In my particular case it's likely that we were doing something that only happened once or maybe twice within the council throughout the year, and this particular rule is not intuitive so it's not surprising that no one picked up that we were falling afoul of it.  I've been certified as a Rangemaster for BB and Archery for almost a decade, I suspect that like most people I did it initially because I was volunteering at some Cub events.  Since I wasn't ever running the range at a strictly Pack event that point of the training didn't stick with me.


The event my original post referred to was a Troop event where we treat the Pack as our guests.  Since we're a Troop renting the range no one would have picked up on it, and since BBs are in fact a well known age appropriate activity for Cubs there just wasn't an intuitive reason to question the wisdom of what we're doing.


I wonder if you'd care to address the final question in my original post: why two activities with the same people, same rules, and at the same BSA owned property aren't both either safe enough to conduct or too dangerous to conduct.  I don't believe rules are self justifying, so I'm curious what, outside of the existence of the rule, makes it make sense.

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Because BSA wants to promote council owned Cub Scout Camps?  


If the Cub Scouts aren't allowed do the fun stuff anywhere else, I suppose it gives the council camps a monopoly.


I can't think of any other reason that makes sense.

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