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Pretty interesting article. I was looking at the four leadership traits described in the article (Supporting others, Seeking different perspectives, Operating with a strong results orientation, and Solving problems effectively) in how our troop encourages and evaluates leadership performance in our program. The four traits are almost more advanced in application than the traits we encouraged in our patrol method. Certainly Supporting others is a key part of servant leadership, but Solving Problems Effectively is a step more advanced than just understanding the problem and changing the approach for better results. Solving problems effectively is leading more actively to finding solutions that work more efficiently. It's not a hit and miss sort of thing, it is pushing the team to find the BEST solution. 


I think that is where a six month election cycle hurts leadership; by the time a leader gets up to speed for leading and for understanding the goal, he has run out of time to consistently push for a best solution. Even worse, I'm not sure 6 months allows a scout enough time to take ownership for wanting the best solution. I think back on one of our SPLs who after a six month break to refresh from his first time as SPL, ran again for the position with specific goals and plans in mind. He was exhibiting an intent to practice solving problems effectively even thought we weren't encouraging that trait.


On a different direction, I compared these four traits against all the bosses in my lifetime and found that the two best bosses (and my two favorite) I worked under are very strong in those four traits. I found that to be very interesting and enlightening. If I were ever a Scoutmaster again............



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