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Neglected Eagle Projects

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By state law, any abandoned cemeteries that are reclaimed and cleaned up become the maintenance responsibility of the county in which they are located.  I had a boy going to clean up an abandoned cemetery and went to the county board for permission and to be the Eagle project beneficiary.  Wasn't going to cost them a penny to clean it up.  


They said "Sure!" then when the boy went out to the cemetery 2 weeks later to begin a preliminary evaluation as to what needed to be done, the cemetery had been reclaimed by the county.  I don't know what their problem was, but it was pretty much a politically motivated agenda operating somewhere along the line.  Fortunately it was in the early stages of development so the boy just picked another project. 


By the way, reclaiming abandoned cemeteries can be a major problem for some counties.  A gentleman and I were reclaiming a county Potters Field and found the county had sold off half the cemetery for land development and some poor sap had about 100 graves in his back yard.  The other part of the abandoned cemetery had a paved road over 16 other graves located there. 


I've often wondered if that cemetery the boy wanted to fix up might have exposed some shenanigans along the way, too.

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