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Help us save Camp Meriwether (in Oregon) from a private golf course developer!

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Hi everyone -- the scouts in Cascade Pacific Council (NW Oregon) need your help to save our most popular camp, Camp Meriwether!

The council leadership is considering a plan to lease 200 acres of forest-land on the Oregon Coast to a private developer for 50 years in order to build a golf course. The proposed oceanfront site for the golf course would be located just south of Cape Lookout State Park near Tillamook, Oregon, between the scouts' Camp Meriwether and Camp Clark. This land is currently home to diverse forest and native wildlife, including deer, black bear, owls, tree frogs, and many other species. This site is also adjacent to a large area of pristine tide-pools at the base of Cape Lookout.

There are many scouts and community members working to oppose this plan. We understand and support the need for the council to generate revenue, but building a golf course on this land goes against the ideals of environmental conservation taught in scouting. The Outdoor Code instructs us to "be conservation minded." Even the Cascade Pacific Council's own Property Plan document states that potential property "development should include...minimal ecological impact...and strive to find ways to be even more environmentally-friendly." A golf course on coastal forest land is the opposite of these ideals.


Please help us get the word out and sign the petition opposing this plan.
***  https://www.change.org/p/boy-scouts-of-america-cascade-pacific-council-nw-oregon-save-200-acres-of-oregon-coast-forest-before-boy-scout-officials-make-it-a-golf-course



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