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Membership Of More Than One Troop At A Time

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I kinda thought that with all the divorce situations today, a scout paid a $1 and could participate in two units.  I wasn't going to speak up because I wasn't sure.


I offered a few older scouts to come help with my troop start up, (no takers, not even those that were members of the CO).  I thought they could be registered even if it was only temporary.  The troop with the full fee would be the "home" troop.

IMHO, that is the courteous and kind thing for troops to do. 

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Thankee, Darcyedit.   I stand corrected, and will then point out again, that multiple registrations can be a large economy size problem when Eagle time comes . 


 Good Scouting to you, and your Scout, Sanve001.   Keep a copy of everything!

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