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2016 Boy Scout Requirements

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The more I look into requirements of what my son has supposedly accomplished, as well as what a counselor has told him is "all" he needs to do to earn a badge, I see the pencil whipping going on.  What is my son supposed to do about it?




 The boys- or at least the ones I've seen are not begging to have the requirements watered down.  I think in many cases they don't even know what the requirements are, just do what the counselor says, and rejoice when the card is signed.  The adult has the power to not sign.  Why are they doing it, if the badge wasn't earned?


Ask him a question, "What do you think you need to do for this requirement?"  If he says that, "The Counselor said that..." remind him that the question is what HE thinks, not he counselor.  Chances are, if he is a typical 12 year old, he will read the requirement verbatim.  Then ask him "Can you tell me what you did to fulfil that requirement?"  And then follow up with "Do you think that is enough?" If he says that, "The Counselor said that..." remind him that the question is what HE thinks, not he counselor.  If the answer is no, then ask him what else he needs to do to feel that he has done what is required.  


With any luck, he will have learned some important lessons -- you have to think for yourself and make decisions for yourself about what is right.  Maybe he will eve realize that then knowledge is more important then the badge.


To answer your second question, the adults don't understand the program.  The whole idea of a merit badge "class" is wrong.  It is not about teaching but about learning and doing.  The adults assume that if they teach it that is enough.  It isn't.

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