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Choosing NonParticipation in Friends Of Scouting

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Thanks to you, too, Seattle. I appreciate the advice from you and Desertrat.


My DE and I have a very good working relationship, so I don't think that would be a problem. Also, our Council Membership Chair does lend a helping hand and has already asked me for ideas for recruiting within my district.

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I understand your frustration. As you consider your next step, think about your relationship with your District Executive - is the DE helpful and supportive and do you have a good relationship? If so, then I would do the FOS presentation - you'll be hurting your helpful DE more than you'll be hurting the volunteer district non-leadership. If you have no relationship or a bad relationship with the DE, then I think you could opt out of FOS this year with a clean conscience. I just don't think I would replace it with an outright plea for money for the CO's camp - heart in the right place but it is against BSA fundraising policy (though I don't think there would be an objection to having a church provided brochure about the camp that might also ask for funds laying on a table that folks can pick up or not as they choose)


Perhaps a better path would be to put together a spring all-pack service project at the camp and turn it into an annual event - more of an "in kind donation" than a cash donation.


As for the district leadership, at some point beating the dead horse gets old - the horse starts to stink and the whip gets frayed. I'd simply give up and let them keep floundering around - spend your time with your unit. Seems to me if the District doesn't have it's act together, you'll need to spend a little more time on the unit to provide the programming that the District is incapable of doing. As far as I can tell, there is nothing in the yearbook that says your Pack can't choose a Saturday and have an interpack Pinewood Derby competition, or put together a mini olympics track & field meet for the packs in your town to compete in without the districts help.

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