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How much money in the Troop Treasury?

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But it is of value in emergencies where taking advantage of a discreet amount of savings allows the unit to purchase that new gear that just went unexpectedly on sale, that Philmont slot that opened u

Our very popular SM is stepping down. His reason: Time to leave (fade in to the background) and let someone new take over. He's been fading in to the background since spring to let the new SM graduall

Money in the bank is of no use to the boys.   Stosh

I tend to Stosh's position: money in the bank is of no benefit to the scouts.


That having been said....we have kind of a lot of money in the bank. We have it segregated out into several funds. We have a scholarship fund, we have a fund for replacing the troop truck when the time comes, a fund for capital improvements to church property that we have been promised we can make some day, etc.


And it came in handy this year when we had several thousand dollars of repair work put into the current troop truck that we weren't expecting.


However, given your description of your troop's fortunes, I would be inclined to put it back into the scouts.


Some ideas for spending down:


1. Subsidize high adventure and/or summer camp to provide those boys that experience while the troop is a going entity.

2. Purchase new equipment (tents, stoves, etc.) for the troop.

3. Ask the CO if there is some outreach or other youth ministry that can use a donation.

4. Purchase unit specific uniform items. For example, we have hats, patches, name tags, etc. unique to our troop. You might also have other things like neckerchiefs.

5. Pay for some promotional type activities to raise the community profile of your troop. For example, you might help sponsor a July 4th parade or something.


Actually, 1, 4, and 5 might also help boost membership in addition to spending down the treasury.

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ahh....took me a minute @@Stosh, but I thin i get your point....


This process reminds me back in the '60's when the space race with Russia was going hot and heavy.  The US spent big bucks developing a pen that would work in zero gravity.... the Russians used a pencil.

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