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"Unofficial uniform"

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Like qwazse says above, in my adventures in world scouting in 4 countries, slides are just as common and worn close to the neck.  The loose friendship know seems like a popular jamboree thing lately.  I even saw a scouter last weekend wearing two world jamboree neckerchiefs, British and US versions.  Either way, I'm glad to see the neckerchief back in any style.  I just tend to like it neat and orderly around town and scuffed up in the field.   

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I must admit that I used to be much less concerned or even aware of my uniform in the years past. Having read TLS's posts over the years regarding uniforming and insignia has changes my viewpoint. I w

Interesting how, once again, the implication is that those who care about the uniform apparently 'don't have any adventure in their lives,' are 'uptight,' and don't enjoy 'the fun of Scouting.' These

"Tell me about this patch" is far more interesting than "this patch doesn't meet regulation".

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