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Rude parents/children during ceremonies??

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When I was award chair for my son's pack (1993) we racked up $800+ worth of awards. There were tables of awards and they were handed out as mentioned above. Well... I WAS BORED TO TEARS! If this is an issue of respect' date=' maybe the program planners need to show a bit of respect to the audience of small boys and their parents.[/quote']


I agree with Stosh here. In our pack, we only give out major awards at the pack meetings, the rest are handed out at the dens meetings. If you are having behavior problems, look to livening up your pack meetings. The boys get enough of "sit still and listen" in school. Get the boys standing up and moving around (songs are great for this). Keep any announcements short, and if you have a bunch of stuff to go over with the parents, pull the cubs off to the side and give them something fun to do (like a game) while their parents and the leaders talk.


If the meeting is fun and interesting, you will find it's easier to get the cubs to pay attention when you do need them to be quiet. They don't want to miss anything! As for parents and siblings, you need to set expectations right up front. Explain to them that the "scout sign" applies to everyone, scouts and guests.


I also third what ScoutNut wrote. It does work. And if you have a parent that simply won't get it, have a quiet word with them.

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Agree with ScoutNut as well.


We say NOTHING, we just stand there with our signs up until everyone quiets down. And our signs go up when its parent noise just as much as kid noise going on. So without saying anything, but just stopping the program and standing quietly with signs up, the parents get "called" out and usually start to behave.


Also our signs up doesn't alwasy come from the person up front talking. If you are sitting next to some loud people in the audience, you will see signs up coming from that area first and it spreads around the room from there.


Sometimes our Cubmaster doesn't realize how loud it is in the room and others need to help out by doing the signs up.

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