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Guten Tag!


Just thought I would stop in here first to "check in". I am returning to scouts after many moons now that my son is finally old enough to join. I was the assistant Tiger Den Leader last year and this year I took over the den of wolves.


My son, as well as the other scouts in the den, have let me know in no uncertain terms that they like to be outside and are interesting in camping. If anyone has ideas of how to accomplish this with a group of eight year olds, I would appreciate input. I have read the G2SS and have followed a couple of threads concerning the subject with great input by Bob White and twocubdad. I do not want to "get around the rules", or find a loophole, I just want to introduce the outdoors to these scouts.


Anyway, it is great to be here. I have already learned a lot and I know that I will learn a lot more. If anyone has any questions about the scout environment over here in Germany, just ask.

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To introduce your Wolf Den to the outdoors, start with some fun hikes in the woods. Do you have any parks that would have Naturalist programs? That is a great place to start.


As for camping, take BALOO training and then get your whole Pack out camping!


Have FUN!



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welcome, have a cup of joe and put another log on the fire...

You may want to look at your council schedule for WELOT training also...since dollars to donuts your gonna be a WEBELOS leader anyway...

The parents in your den will tell you what you 'luck level' is going to be...DO THEY WANT TO BE OUTDOORS????cause they gotta be there....

SOME GROUPS WORK GREAT...I was blessed with outdoor friendly parents who wanted to do it... We became a large family of woodsmen and women...Family camping outside of Pack /Scout camping...heck buy the end of our WEBELOS II year each family owned its own canoe...hows that for camp happy parents...but I have seen some dens that out side means the baseball or soccer field, period!


Hikes are good, day long fishing trip to the local lake or pond with time for just playing in the "dirt", classes on camping with tent set up and meal prep are also fun...perhaps an overnight in a local back yard might be worked out as a test (under current BSA regs it might be tough but if ALL PARENTS ARE ON BOARD it can be done)


BSA wants you in a BSA approved camp, trained etc. so be careful to dot the 't's and cross the "i"s.

BUT don't do more than they can handle and don't force the issue...take time to "feel" your group along this outdoors stuff so you don't turn off some kids

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Beaver - Welcome aboard. You've gotten some good advice. The rush to outdoor activities is a double-edged sword. I've seen boys drop from Cubs because of the lack of outdoor activities, and I've also seen boys drop because their leaders were pushing a big outdoor program before they were emotionally ready for it. Hopefully, taking it slow should help ease those who are nervous about it, and appease those who are anxious for it.

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I appreciate all of your advice. Most of the things recommended I am already implementing. We have started a year long "camp training" with the scouts. Each month, I dedicate one den meeting to a camping theme (i.e. Tent set-up and care, outdoor cooking, packing for camp, menu planning, fire safety, etc). I attended BALOO training, but I do not think that they offer Webelos outdoor training over here. I have seen an Outdoors Leadership Training, but I think that is for Boy Scouts.


I would love to plan a simple overnight campout, but the weather here will simply not allow it until April. And, being the ambitious guy that I am, our den is going to the Normandy Camporee in April. I question my sanity, but I have definite "buy-in" from the parents.


Anyway, if this campout goes well and I still have Scouts in my den afterwords, I am thinking about doing some more Family Camping this summer. BTW, the odds of finding a backyard over here big enough for more than one or two tents would be a challange. Thats OK though, because we have council approved campsites that have buildings which are usable incase of bad weather.


Thanks again for the warm welcome. I have already used this forum for researching several topics and you will probably see me pop in from time to time.


German Beaver

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GB - I recommend you try to attend the Adult Outdoors Training - it will get you ready for your move up to Boy Scouts :> This training should provide you with the tools for setting up the Webelos outdoor work and give those boys a foot up on campling skills.

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Hello German Beaver! I do not know which District you are in but Edelweiss is offering Baloo May 21st in Ansbach as well as OLS the 20th - 22nd. All scouters are always welcome! See you in Normandy

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Thanks Leigh

I appreciate your info. I have looked over the TAC calander and I have seen these trainings. I was just not sure if I should attend OLS since I am still a Cub leader. I realize that all scouters are welcome, I just feel that I might be a little out of place.


We will definitly be there at Normandy. My den of wolves can hardly contain themselves every time we talk about it. I sure hope that the weather is halfway decent for us while we are there.


BTW, welcome to the forum! It is nice to have others over here to discuss how things work on this side of the big pond.

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