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While reading another thread this morning a thought popped into my head. At the 2017 Jamboree I thing that they should let the few councils that have several Sea Scout Ships, say 10 or more, send one of their allotted Venturing crews to Jambo as a Sea Scout Ship.


The same should be true for the heavy LDS areas that have a lot of Varsity Teams. There is no reason to hide these programs in the background.

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Of course! But in high-demand years, each council is allocated so many slots. And if the majority of venturers who sign on are not Sea Scouts, then they'll all wearing green and grey.


The way this could work would be that a council would announce that one of the crews in its contingent would participate as a sea scout ship. Maybe they have 2 dozen slots for venturers, and they allocate half to Sea Scouts. Let's way a half dozen Sea Scouts from that council sign up early. Those youth would then advertise throughout the area and region that they have six openings for any venturers who want to arrive at jambo as a Sea Scout ship. (This works mainly because many older venturers have "boundary issues" and participate in almost everything provisionally anyway.)


Obviously, if word gets out, several "Jamboree ships" from throughout the nation might make an appearance.


I'm not entirely clear on what the point of this would be (besides dotting the arena with flecks of white), but I could imagine that if a few youth took charge of it, they could make up a few good reasons to drag their whites through the mud!

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