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What does nonsectarian mean to you?

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What non-sectarian means to me and what it means to my council are entirely different. To me it means that a scout must believe in a higher power, but nowhere does it state which higher power. To my Council non-sectarian means non-denominational Christian.


At Wood Badge last June I was told that my religion was occult and had no place in Scouting. (I’m Druid; goddess forbid that scouts interact with people who worship nature and count the solstices and equinoxes as holy days!) The upshot of “coming out†as a non-Christian was that I was not allowed to complete my ticket. Then when our committee chair stepped down in January our Troop Committee wanted to put me in his place, but our council said they would revoke our charter if I was Committee Chair.


Speaking from experience I can honestly say that I hear a lot about how membership is left up to the units, but even when a unit accepts a non-Christian there can still be significant obstacles from the council and national.

Humans are so stupid. How we made it this far is a mystery. Anyone who thinks we will be here in 300 years is not paying attention.


I would have put my own wood badge beads on you myself if I had been personal witness to this atrocity.


This is why BSA's membership policy has to go. BSA is too stupid to enforce a policy like this effectively. The guys who run BSA all have below average IQ's.

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.SURPRISE!! BSA is religious but not a religion. In our Council there are Christian Scouts, Muslim Scouts, whole troops and packs that are purely Jewish, we had a Hindu family in my home Troop a

I think BSA does not know what they mean by non-sectarian. Technically, a sect is a religious branch of which isn't large enough to qualify as a denomination. Example: Methodists and Baptists are deno

You have conviently misinterpreted Settle.. I don't wish to restrict anyones religious expression.. ANYONE's... unlike the conservative christion branch who wishes to enforce everyone to thier religio

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