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If you know anything about these, you would know they are not rocket launchers. They are expended training devices. They can't fire anything and they are junk and get thrown in trash all the time.


All it is is an anti gun nut trying to make news.

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Looks like they were disabled and owned by former US military members (conveniently left out of the CNN report). So much for them saying it was all anonymous too.




Two rocket launchers turned into the Los Angeles Police Department as part of the city's gun buyback event this week and displayed by the police chief and mayor did not have the capacity to fire. But the department will examine the origins of the weapons with the military, police said Friday.


The two launchers--long metal tubes that were once capable of propelling rocket grenades--were turned in along with 2,037 weapons at a gun buyback Wednesday, and exchanged for supermarket gift cards.


Det Gus Villanueva said the launchers were "stripped-down shells" without the technical parts needed to discharge a projectile. "They don't have capability to discharge anything anymore," he said. The launchers were turned in by residents who did not receive a gift card, he said.


Villanueva said the people turning them in at the buyback told officers they had family members who were at one time in the military and "they no longer wanted the launchers in their homes."


Los Angeles police gun experts will be checking the origins of these weapons with the U.S. military to see if they were ever stolen, he said.





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