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The Bumper Sticker

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How many of you guys wear your Scout uniform to school?


I didnt think so. Well, I dont wear my uniform to work either.


However, I do have a Scouting emblem on my car. Every day. So, wherever I go people know that the person who is driving my car is a Scout. Which means that if I do something jerky - like cut someone off in traffic it doesnt just reflect badly on ME, the driver, it reflects on YOU too, and on every other Scout in the country. I try to remember that and not do anything jerky. Sometimes its hard, I admit, but that little sticker on my car keeps me acting scoutlike.


Now, you may not wear your uniform everyday, but your friends probably know anyway that you are a Scout. Are you scoutlike?


Think about it.


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Good point.

On my truck I have a couple BSA Stickers. It is totally obvious that a Scout or Scouter is driving my Truck.


As I was coming home from work the other day, driving down a major street, doing the speed limit. I was passed by a BMW. As the BEEMMER passed me, out of the sun roof popped a lone finger, I think the lady was telling me I was number 1.

Of course I pulled in right behind her at the next stop light... and what do you suppose adorned her bumper...


"Know Jesus...Know Peace" and "Do unto others..." you get the point.


Now I am a devout Catholic and have nothing against such bumper stickers... unless of course they are represented by a single finger protruding from the sun roof.


I do think there is a certain amount of accountability when you put Scouting stickers on your car. The same expectation that comes when wearing the uniform.


Jerry(This message has been edited by schleining)

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Think of it this way: she was celebrating the feeling of unity among people. ;)


Back in the 1960s I was hassled about the bumper stickers I had on my auto. You know, the usual...scratched messages in the paint, broken windows, slashed tires. So today, I just don't have stickers. Period.

However, my scout shirt hangs in the window all the time (you never know when someone may need a last-minute conference and anyway, I can't easily misplace it that way).


But a while back, I had a very similar experience with a Jehovah's Witness. And hey, I noticed the same thing again when I was driving through Portland this summer. You don't suppose....

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Portland... as in Oregon..

I am the "Greater Portland Area"... No suprise there....

The finger is just something that the Fair citizens of Portland love to throw around... thank goodness for the "burbs".


Anyway- its interesting to see how people act vs. what they profess.



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