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Venture Crew Relationship Question

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I often wonder why young adults are so afraid of marriage. Maybe we've put it on such a high pedestal that many wont peruse it, but that's another issue ...


As 5smom shows, most crews are segregated to the point that males and females operate independently. An adult male associate advisor would not have direct responsibility over any youth female. So they'd rather fly under the radar and avoid the inconvenience of removing an adult from the charter until their mate turns 21.

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I do not agree that in a coed crew the males and females operate independently, that is not the case in our crew of 75 youth or any of the other crews we associate with.


5scoutmom has hit on an interesting conflicting point in the rules, a legally married couple can bunk together on trips in scouting, even Venturing, it does not matter if one is under 21.

In our council the SE has taken the position that the married couple rule supercedes the under 21 year old association rule, these cases are indeed rare but it does come up once in a while.

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BP, nor mine. I think because we're too small. But when we started, there was a tendency to segregate by sex (mainly because I brought the boy scouts and my co-advisor brought the girl scouts). Fortunately that didn't last long. But I see some leaders maintaining that distinction in their crews.


I only have one married venturer, and his wife has yet to join us.


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