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New Sea Scout Manual

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Well, I just picked up the new Sea Scout manual last weekend. I'm the first in my ship to get it. From what I have seen so far it is much better than the old one. It is organized in a much more usable manner, and the information is written so that someone who has no clue can understand much of it. The loose leaf format is actually kinda nice. It makes it easy to make photocopies.


Two things I don't like so far is that they don't provide a binder. You have to provide that yourself. Also, there are a few other resources that the manual points to that do not currently exist, such as a "Sea Scout Leaders' Manual" supposedly this is a manual for youth leaders, and is available for download on the seascout.org site, but it doesn't exist there yet.


I think it is a little expensive, but not extraordinarily so. I paid $27 for it. I would be very happy if it was more like $20-$25.


The manual comes with a cd/dvd that has some useful info. The videos are very instructive, and useful, especially the one about how to use a boatswain's pipe. There is one where the guy ties 10 bowlines in 3 minutes, I really didn't see the point of it because it really didn't tell you how to actually tie all the knots.


There are a bunch of PDF docs on the disk too. They are a little difficult to find. You have to know they are there to find them. Mostly they have info that while useful, doesn't need to be in the hardcopy. Stuff that most people don't use often, like celestial nav, and the guide to starting up a sea scout ship. I have copied below the table of contents for the pdf files on the disk. Just to give an idea of what all is there.


Sea Scout Manual 2010

Supplemental Activities

Table of Contents




Ordinary 16g Boatswain Calls

Ordinary 16a, Able 14c, Quartermaster 13f Drill

Able 14f Maritime History

Quartermaster 13b Engines

Quartermaster 13e Celestial Navigation


Leader Materials


History of Sea Scouts

How to Organize a Sea Scout Ship

Landship Ceremonies

Landships and Equipment

Marine Careers

Obtaining Boats and Equipment

Sample Activities

Sea Scout Adult Leader Responsibilities

Sea Scout Adult Leader Training Record

Sea Scout National Flagship Nomination Letter and Scoresheet

Superactivities and Superactivity Planning




Sea Scout Sail Training Plan

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"a "Sea Scout Leaders' Manual" supposedly this is a manual for youth leaders"


My understanding its a manual for both youth and adult leaders, replacing the old Skipper and Crew Leader manuals, which they were working to update.



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Hello Sailing PJ,



As a Cubmaster, I have an theory why no binder is presented:



First, it save money.


Second, most families have a variety of 3 ring binders which can be repurposed for a new use.



Most importantly, when you probide your own binder, it presents an opportunity to decorate the binder to suit your own tastes and purposes.


Two examples that come to hand for me---


1) My Scout Scrapbook I made, which is a three ring notebook with some colored paper glued on the front cover with "Scout Scrapbook" and my name on it and a cloth "Recruiter" patch glued on. The spine of the scrapbook has colored construction paper glued to it with "Scout Scarpbook" on it.


I use this failry often to encourage CubScouts and parents to start a Cub Scout Scrapbook to save mementoes of hikes, outings, Pack meetings and activities.


2) I do Tiger Cub Den Leader Training, and I use a three ring notebook as an example of a Tiger Cub Den Leader Handbook. It has an orange (Tiger Cub color) cover on the front that says " Pack XXX Tiger Cub Den Leader Handbook" It's decorated with a Tiger Cub drawing. The spine is decorated with an orange strip that says "Tiger Cub Handbook"


If I have enough three ring notebooks, making that Tiger Cub handbook is our gathering activity used for collecting and keeping the course handouts. I encourage new Tiger Cub Den Leaders to keep notes and suggestions for outings and activities, and to pass the handbook on to the next years Tiger Cub Den Leader.



Well, that's Cub Scouts for you. I don't know if that kind of thing might work with Se Scouts!

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Yeah, I already have 3 binders overflowing with various Sea Scout materials. That is one of the hazards of being a boatswain or boatswain's mate in 3 different ships, and a crew leader in a 4th ship.


Knowing my current crew though, they are likely buy the manual, bring in on a cruise/meeting and open it for the first time there. Then at the next work party/meeting we will be finding pages all over the boat/meeting room. That is the real reason that I thought the manual should come with a binder. :D


Plus I like the front cover and I think the manual would look really good in a blue binder. Also, there are those binders that have like 8 rings I think that would be better than the current three ring format. It is much less likely that a page will get torn out of one of those binders.

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I bet Staples or Office Depot can help in punching extra holes. I still remember spending 1/2 a day at the local Staples punching holes and putting in the pages for my 2 five inch binders of thesis research.


Just be thankful there are ships in your council. I found out Saturday that there are now NO ships in mine. Very sad.

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"There was a crew leaders manual? I have never heard of it."


They were done back in the 40s. There were 2 editions.


"Where can someone find a copy?"


eBay or the various scout memoriabilia dealers. Don't pay more then $20 for one. they are nice and have a lot of resources. At some point I'd like to scan my and put it up on my site.

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"PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!!!!! (caps for begging not screaming )"


I assume this is in response to my comment about scanning this book.


thing is, I can easily scan the smaller booklets and such that I have (and put on my site). But I really can't tackle the bigger books because I don't want to damage them in scanning them.


I was hoping the bookliberator would come out (bkrpr.org), but have heard of an upcoming "Ion BookSaver" (http://www.ionaudio.com/booksaver) that I hope will be reasonably priced. The BookLibertator was going to be around $300.


my hope is I could then scan stuff like the larger Sea Scout & Sea Explorer manuals, skippers manual, crew leader manual, Explorer Scout & Explorer Manuals, Adventuring for Senior scouts and the like. I think these books have a wealth of information that would benefit the current leader, in addition to the historical information they have.


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