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Convincing a Stubborn Scoutmaster to Start a Venture Crew

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RememberSchiff, it just might be a difference in locations, but I don't seem to find any SM's who really find it necessary to start a Venturing Crew just to keep the older boys interested in Scouting. Around here Venturing tends to be those items of interest the boys might be involved in that are specific and simply wish more specialized opportunity for the boys. They don't tend to compete with the Boy Scout program.


When I was working semi-professionally with a scout council, I formed about 50 new Exploring posts (Pre-Venturing) and only 1 or 2 of them wanted to be General Interest Posts which would compete with the Boy Scout program. The vast majority wanted to do Medical, Law Enforcement, SCUBA, Nature, Service, Legal, Aviation, etc. Those that chose to go the General Interest route either stayed small or collapsed after a couple of years.


I guess I'm the stubborn scoutmaster that stlhiker is talking about because I really don't see a viable reason to having a venturing crew when one has a solid troop already running. I'm thinking that a good Venture Patrol would work just as well except for the handgun thingy. I'm not seeing that as a deal-breaker or convincing argument for a completely different program. Now if one wished to start a Handgun Venturing Crew, then go for it, I'm sure it would be nice for a few scouts. But being limited in scope, only a handful of really dedicated crew members would keep it going for any length of time. It would not in anyway compete with the SM and wouldn't need any stubborn scoutmaster's approval, input, assistance, to get it going.


As far as answering stlhiker's concern, no, I don't know of any tips one might employ to convince the SM that getting a venturing crew going is a good idea and unless there be at least a convincing argument of sufficient weight, it just isn't going to happen any time soon, and if the SM is stubborn, then I'm thinking stlhiker may in fact be truly wasting his/her time on this issue. From the rather short request for information, stlhiker doesn't really specify why he even needs to get this SM on-board with the issue. Get a few adults together to form a committee, find a CO and 5 kids and go for it. That process sounds a lot easier than trying to convince a stubborn SM. :)



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